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“Product can be tracked from prior to receipt, within the warehouse, through the shipment process and beyond.”

Trenton Cold Storage's Warehouse Management System

Trenton Cold Storage recognizes the diversity of our clients. We have built an information rich Warehouse Management System (WMS) to meet our clients very specific requirements.

Utilizing the latest in radio frequency technology, coupled with a broad array of EDI solutions, Trenton Cold Storage provides applications and reporting that is truly real-time. You can be assured that your inventory will be managed using some of the most sophisticated software, hardware and networking technologies available to the public warehousing industry. Standard Operating Procedures are documented, audited, and updated constantly.

We also provide real-time access to our clients via the Web.
  • Product Tracking
  • FIFO/LIFO/Best before/ product and consignee specific
  • Reports: email, fax, spreadsheet, PDF available to desktop
  • All pallets bar-coded for tracking and scanned in real time
  • RF physical inventories- follow the count in real time

TCSNav is our new web browser based portal currently with access to Orders, Receipts and Inventory. Paperless Invoicing is coming soon!

Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) at Trenton Cold Storage

Trenton Cold Storage delivers over a billion pounds of foodstuffs annually.

Our client list includes some of the biggest multi-national food manufacturers in the world. We have earned their trust by providing dynamic EDI solutions that quickly communicates receiving, ordering, shipping and invoicing data between our WMS and their enterprise systems. We can do the same for you.

Product can be tracked from prior to receipt, within the warehouse, through the shipment process and beyond. A strong emphasis is placed on traceability and strict product recall requirements. All transactions are logged, time stamped, and are fully traceable.

EDI transactions supported include ASNs, shipments, receipts, inventory adjustments, etc. Data can be transferred using AS2, Value Added Networks, FTP, and email. Web based access to our system puts the information right at your fingertips.

The Trenton Cold Storage Freight Consolidation Program

Trenton Cold Storage operates a temperature controlled Freight Consolidation Program, unique within the Canadian distribution environment. Through partnerships with key carriers, we provide coverage to all Canadian Provinces and Territories, as well as the U.S.A.

Freight Consolidation saves you time and money by grouping together small order quantities from many different customers and combining them into truckload movements. The Trenton Cold Storage Freight Consolidation Program has been saving customers money since 1989.

The secret to our success lies in the dedicated partnerships we have with our carriers. Our real-time systems allow our partner carriers to build and plan their loads remotely, increasing efficiencies in order preparation, loading and equipment usage. All this results in lower distribution costs for our customers.

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