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“For the last eight years, Trenton Cold Storage employees have been the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s largest fund-raisers in Ontario”

About Trenton Cold Storage

At Trenton Cold Storage, “family” means more than just the three generations of James family owners that have governed the company since its inception. The Trenton Cold Storage family includes every one of its employees.

Eben James Jr., current CEO of Trenton Cold Storage, takes responsibility for the continued prosperity of the company's over 200 employees. He believes employees deserve the same respect he would afford any member of his family. "It's really the employee's company," says James. This dedication to family values in the workplace extends to the members of employee's immediate families. Even educational scholarships have been provided to the children of employees.

Several festive events throughout the year complete the true family atmosphere. Trenton Cold Storage employees enjoy charitable functions, golf tournaments, summer parties, and a Christmas extravaganza. These events include special parties just for kids. Yet, the spirit of family values and sense of responsibility to employees doesn't stop even there. The staff are routinely solicited for incentive and bonus ideas. All suggestions are taken very seriously and often they are implemented. All of this, combined with dedication to helping out those who need it most – no questions asked – shows what Trenton Cold Storage really means by family.

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Mission Statement

The Trenton Cold Storage Group pledges to build a profitable company through the production, preservation and distribution of frozen and chilled foods, and to employ the highest ethical and technical standards to create a safe, healthy environment that provides fulfilment, reward and satisfaction to customers, employees and the members of our community.

Our Commitment to the Community

Trenton Cold Storage helps the communities in which it operates. For the last eight years, Trenton Cold Storage employees have been the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s largest fund-raisers in Ontario. Trenton Cold Storage supports the Alzheimer's Association and is the largest fund-raiser for this group in Eastern Ontario.

Trenton Cold Storage accepts requests for donations from registered Canadian Charities. Submit requests in writing along with your charitable donation number and details of your event. Every request is considered.Due to the number of requests, only organizations selected for donation are contacted.

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